The social and solidarity economy is one of the fundamental pillars on which Morocco is betting to improve the economic conditions of low income social groups, given its potential to contribute to the desired economic development and the fight against social exclusion. the optimal use of the material and non-material resources it creates. An important priority in sectoral programs and strategies for all economic actors in this field and to promote sustainable development based on a social and solidarity-based economy based mainly on the human element and qualifications Here is our country.

In this context, it should be emphasized that the sector of the social and solidarity economy is a fertile ground endowed with enormous resources and potentials which will make it a locomotive of the real development in its various dimensions, by mobilizing resources, by unifying the efforts and investing in all possible energies to generate income-generating projects. Economic growth and job creation to fight against vulnerability and social injustice and maintain the cohesion and balance of society.

Similarly, the cooperative sector, in the universally accepted sense, is seen as the fundamental component of the social economy and the most appropriate and flexible framework for meeting the needs of the labor market, which has played a vital role in economic and social development.
In this regard, the cooperative fabric has in recent years achieved a qualitative leap in the productive sectors thanks to the efforts made in this section, the most important being the traditional industrial sector in general, the Fez-Meknes in particular, played a important role in the social fabric by offering social groups the opportunity to develop their capacities, improve their standard of living and improve their situation by directly supporting income-generating projects as part of the National Initiative for Development has had a positive impact in terms of job creation. Combat poverty and reduce the youth unemployment rate, as shown by the interests and organizations involved in this sector, by creating a climate conducive to the smooth functioning of the cooperative sector thanks to the equipment and infrastructures put at its disposal.

Given the role played by associations and cooperatives in organizing the company's production capacities and managing its economic activities to open new horizons and contribute to job creation, the cooperative sector is a choice strategic as a buoyant sector and a dynamic area which plays a very important role in the economy of the region, especially in the craftsmanship related to known areas. Art, decoration, dyeing, cooking and desserts, textile, leather, metal, carpentry, wood ... etc. This has been reinforced by the programming of structured projects to promote this sector.

The objective of this event was to increase the representation of cooperatives and associations, to present and promote their products, to support and strengthen the actors' production and marketing capacities and to create a space for exchanging experiences. and discuss sector issues through the organization of seminars and conferences to diagnose the reality of the sector in the region and to create a public debate on the integration of society. Regional Region of Fes - Meknes.

The region of Fez-Meknes has witnessed numerous initiatives aimed at strengthening the role of the social economy and solidarity as a lever for development in the region, as evidenced by the active participation and the continuous monitoring of all stakeholders. and partners to support self-employment and promote product promotion and competitiveness through national and regional exhibitions and events. And regional and local, and the best example of this is the regional fair of the social economy and solidarity under the slogan "The social economy and solidarity for sustainable development in the region of Fez - Meknes", which gave rise to the first regional debate on the economy of the community. Subliminal and solidarity.

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