Presentation of the Province of Taza

The province of Taza is located in the north of the kingdom, between the ranges of the Rif and Moyen-Atlas mountains, with an area of 7101 km2 and a population of about 528,419 inhabitants (2014). This province is part of the Fez Meknes Region, its reliefs are generally characterized by a mountain aspect, the highest peak exceeds 3000m in the municipality of Bouyeblane. The majority of the inhabitants of Taza province occupy rural areas with a rate of more than 63%. From then on, the economic fabric depends mainly on the agricultural sector, as well as crafts and trade. These two sectors employ a considerable number of hands and contribute significantly to the province's economic activity, while the contribution of other sectors remains relatively low in the local economy, particularly in the industrial and industrial sectors and tourism.


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