The Symbol of the Craft The Name of the Craft
1620 Construction and composition of horse hoof plates
10111 Remove wool from skin (suction)
10112 Preparation of traditionally preserved red meat
10391 Preparation of olives and its derivatives in the traditional way
10392 Preparation of dried fruits
10410 Production of olive oil in a traditional way
10420 Production of vegetable oil (for domestic or other consumption)
10510 Preparation of dairy products in a traditional way
10712 Traditional bakery
10713 Cake
10730 Making couscous
13100 Traditional spinning of wool and other threads
13201 Traditional fabric (rag)
13202 The traditional fabric (brocars)
13301 Dye wool and cloth
13302 Painting on canvas
13303 Printing on canvas
13421 The traditional fabric of the syrup
13422 Al-Zarbi industry in Tufti
13921 Making traditional tents
13922 Manufacture of camping products
13940 netting
13960 Industry Scheduler
13991 Embroidery by hand
13992 Machine embroideryة
13993 Lace industry
13994 Knitting fabrics
13995 Wadding
14110 Traditional Leather Garments
14131 Man clothing tailoring services
14132 Sewing of clothing for women
14151 Sewing traditional clothing for men
14152 Sewing traditional clothing for women
14153 Sewing of desert clothes
14154 Making traditional hats
14191 Manufacture of gloves
14192 Manufacture of hats (non-traditional)
14311 Hand knitting of socks
14312 Automatic knitting of socks
14391 Hand knitting for various products of clothing
14392 Automatic knitting of various products of clothing
15110 Traditional tanning
15141 Traditional leather products
15142 Saddles and belts industry
15143 Embroidery on the skin
15210 Handicraft for trendy shoes
15220 Manufacture of plasters
16230 carpentry
16240 Manufacture of bucket and domes drums of wood
16260 Cork conversion and cork products industry
16291 Traditional wood turning
16292 Manufacture of tools from lumber and parquet wood
16293 Engraving, carving and wood grading
16294 Making Hives
16295 Making products of rattan
16296 Made of synthetic fiber
16297 Manufacture of cane products
16298 Other vegetable fiber products
18120 Printing on demand
18140 Binding and gilding on the skin
20421 The traditional perfume industry
20422 Manufacture of cosmetics
20530 Manufacture of essential oils
21200 Preparation of herbs for medicinal uses
22190 Manufacture of various rubber products
23191 Engraving and sculpture on glass
23192 Making art mirrors
23193 drawing on glass
23194 Polishing of glass
25300 Manufacturing of refrigeration and heating network parts
25611 Packing with silver
25612 Other metals
25613 Engraving on metals
25710 Making knives, swords and other sharp tools
25951 Sailing
25952 Copper
25953 Cages Industry
25954 Manufacture of damask iron products
27400 Manufacture of professional lamps, lighting lamps and lanterns
30110 The “Flake” Industry
30990 Vehicle manufacturing ‘Kuchi’ … ‘
31030 Manufacture of mattresses
31040 Different specialties associated with the furniture industry
31091 Carpentry of wooden seats
31092 Carpentry works
31093 Manufacturing of furniture from metal materials
32121 Making jewelry from silver
32122 Manufacture of jewelery and ornaments of other precious metals
32130 Making jewelry of precious metals
32201 Manufacture of string instruments
32202 Making bronchial wind instruments
32203 Manufacture of metal blow molding machines
32204 Manufacture of wood blowing machines
32205 Manufacture of percussion instruments
32400 Making dolls
32501 Dental Industryن
32502 Making orthopedic devices and devices for the disabled
32991 Making sieve, rapuz and korshal
32992 Making tools from animal horns
32993 Candles industries and various products of wax material
32994 Making flowers and artificial plants
32995 Manufacture of models
32996 taxidermy
43311 Gypsum Works
43321 General carpentry of buildings
43322 Menuiserie en Aluminium
43331 Packaging of flooring and walls
43332 Installation of tiles and mosaics
43910 Cover works with different materials
43993 Installation of cut stones
43994 Paving works
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