The Symbol of the Craft The Name of the Craft
10711 Exploitation of traditional ovens
27110 Reel repair
33121 Sharpening sharp tools to make them sharper
33122 Repair and maintenance of hunting weapons
33123 Repair and maintenance of agricultural equipment
33124 Drilling equipment repair
33125 Typewriter repair
33140 Repair and maintenance of electric motors
33170 Repair and maintenance of animal-drawn vehicles
43211 Electrical installation of buildings
43212 Installation of solar panels and photovoltaic equipment
43213 Antenna installation
43221 Gas and water installation
43222 Installation of heating and air conditioning equipment
43290 Installation of blinds
43350 Building dyeing
43991 Traditional terracotta construction activities
43992 Other construction activities
45201 Automotive Repair and Maintenance
45202 Repair of “radiators and scaffolding” for cars
45203 Repair of electric and electronic cars
45204 Car wheel repair
45206 Car bumper repair
45207 Installation and repair of salons car
45208 Repair and Coloration of bodies
45209 Repair of other accessories car
45420 Repair of motos
47780 Sell eyeglasses with temperament
50100 transport of boats “Flick”
52210 Car assistance and trainage
56210 Event Services
74200 photography
95110 Repair of computers and accessories
21095 Repair of radio, television and photocameras
95220 repair of electrical household appliances
95230 Shoe repairing
95291 Repair of household appliances
95292 Repair of keys and fences
95293 Repair of unclassified personal and household goods
96010 Dry cleaning
96021 Men’s hairstyle
96022 Hairstyle for women
96023 Cosmetology.
96024 The henna tattoo.
96050 Use of bathrooms, massage shops and showers
96091 Calligraph
96092 Services of Negafa
96093 Tattoo
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