The chamber role in keeping up with and tracking associations and cooperatives

The professional chambers are generally considered to be real and real partners in achieving economic and social development. Therefore, the challenges were to cope with the efficiency of the new regional division, to activate the organizational requirement and to play the basic roles that are framed by the laws of each category.

The chamber are public institutions with constitutional reference. Chapter three of the constitution states that “parties, local groups, trade unions and professional chambers contribute to the framing and representation of citizens”.

This constitutional reference is what gave the legal power of the chambers and made it a partner in the management of citizens affairs in terms of framing and representation. The result of this constitutional mandate was to obtain the chambers an institutional strengthening which are presented in:

- Determination of tasks and competences according to the decree No.1.11.89 issued on the 16th of Ramadan 1432 (17th of August 2011) by implementing law No.18.09 as the statue of the chambers of traditional industry.
- According to article 2 of the above-mentioned act: “traditional chamber of industry represent traditional manufacturers, traditional industry contractors and traditional industry cooperatives within their territorial influence with national, regional and local public authorities”.
In view of the increasing activity of societies and cooperatives in terms of their socio-cultural extensions, developmental dimensions of the factor made them an indispensable center of human development strategy. This is confirmed by the text of the 2011 constitution through a set of principles and provisions related to the promotion of civil society associations as a key actor and partner in issues of public interest through the role they have played in contributing to the preparation and implementation of decisions and projects by elected institutions and public authorities.

Distribution of cooperatives by region

Distribution of associations by region

From this point of view, the functions and terms of reference of the chamber of handicraft in Fez-Meknes for cooperatives and associations shall be determined according to article 3 of law 18.09 as follows:

1. With regard to the register of conventional and traditional industries and cooperatives:
The traditional chambers of industry, within their turbulent influence, hold a record of traditional industry contractors and cooperatives.

2. With regard to the consolidation of services and support to traditional manufacturers, traditional industry contractors and cooperators and cooperatives, traditional chambers of industry are working on:
- Establish accredited accounting and management centers that benefit from their services from traditional industrialists, contractors and cooperatives of traditional industry and professional associations operating in the traditional industry sector.
- Create a cell of economic activists to guide investors in the traditional industry sector and to assist and guide traditional manufacturers, contractors and cooperatives of traditional industry and professional associations working in the traditional industry sector to improve the management of their activities.
- Mainstream the scientific, technical and economic data associated with the traditional industry sector for the benefit of traditional manufacturers and traditional manufacturers and traditional industry contractors and cooperatives.

3. In relation to mediation between public authorities, traditional manufacturers, and traditional industry contractors and cooperatives, traditional chambers of industry trying to:
- Coordination between traditional industries and cooperatives, traditional manufacturers, public authorities and local communities.
- Informing the competent governmental authority about the proposals and requests of traditional industrialists, contractors and cooperatives, and the traditional industry.
- To act as mediation and arbitration between artisans in accordance with the provisions decree No.1.07.169 of 19 Diquoda 1428 (30 November 2007) the implementation of law 08.05 to copy and compensate the eighth section of the fifth section of the code of civil procedure.
- Express its opinion on the changes to be made to any legislative or regulatory text that has an impact on its activity, generally in all issues related to the traditional industry sector.

Distribution of associations by category

Distribution of cooperatives by category

4. With regard to the representation of the interests of traditional industrialists and traditional industry contractors and cooperatives, traditional chambers of industry are working on :
- Overseeing the interests of traditional manufacturers, contractors and cooperatives of traditional industry.
- Encourage traditional manufacturers and traditional industry contractors and cooperatives to organize themselves within economic groups.
- Encourage traditional manufacturers and traditional industry entrepreneurs to organize themselves in associations, cooperatives and professional institutions to develop their own capacities and motivate them to engage in it.
Within the framework of the strategy of modernizing the administration and implementing the government’s special policy to promote cooperatives and associations as an opportunity to promote entrepreneurship, solidarity and the exercise of economic democracy , the efforts exerted by the department of economic activation and the affairs of industrialists and craftsmen represented in the area of cooperatives and associations which require expertise, competence and good performance to highlight the practicality of the work program as follows:
- To assume the role of coordination within the framework of a strategic plan consensual with all actors at the regional level in the framework of strengthening the spirit of openness, partnership and integration.
- Collecting and keeping files of cooperatives registered with the local records clerk.
- Continuing coordination between regional interest in updating the data related to cooperatives and associations.

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- Clarify the procedures and documents to be made, which is consistent with the objective of simplifying the incorporation procedure, strengthening transparency and ensuring the credibility of cooperative documents to be achieved by Law No.12.112.
- Attendance of the constituent masses, the public and the exceptional, and try to clarify all the ambiguity posted by the manufacturers.
- Follow up and participate in meeting and seminars.
- To ensure that the chamber is provided with legal files and the document, classification and archiving of the documents.
- Work on sorting active associations from stagnant to include in a comprehensive inventory containing all information and activities.
The following is a comprehensive inventory of associations and cooperatives located in the region.


- Report and study requests for contractors and cooperatives of traditional industry.
- To guide the contracting, associations and cooperatives of the traditional industry in terms of improving the management of their activities by finding new outlets for making and encouraging them to obtain and activate the national emblem of the traditional industry and to take the quality component in its services and products and to preserve the environment.
- Ensuring good reception, and good supervision and speeding up their demands in order to improve performance.
- Sensitization for associations and cooperatives to make the sector more efficient and cost-effective.
- Continuous communication with the concerned departments to coordinate work in favor of cooperatives and associations.
- To ensure the implementation of all the latest developments brought by the latest amendment in the laws that has to do with the department.


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